Why should my dog visit a vet?

Bringing your dog to the veterinarian should begin when you first bring it home. Doctor visits for pets are not only for the sick. After all, you may not always recognize the symptoms of an illness.

Regular annual visits are necessary to provide optimum health care for your companion so it does not get ill. The vet will check all vitals including ears and teeth. You will be advised on the proper vaccinations necessary to protect your dog. Aside from the yearly exam, be sure to bring your dog in for blood work and heartworm preventatives in early spring. This deadly disease can affect any animal subjected to a mosquito bite but is totally preventable as long as you begin a plan early enough each year.

You may also need to bring your dog in yearly for a professional dental cleaning once your pet reaches the age of three. Oral diseases can be a fatal problem if left unattended. Although regular brushing of your dog’s teeth is necessary each week, a professional cleaning may be necessary as the dog ages.

Aside from regular visits, you need to beware your dog’s normal activities and behavior so that you notice any unusual actions, signs and symptoms of a medical condition. Close intervention with your pet through cuddling, grooming and playing will help alert you early on of any skin, ear, teeth and parasitic problems before anything can get out of hand. Being close has more benefits than the close, loving bond that you have created with you companion.


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