What is the best flea & tick medication for dogs? Are any waterproof?

The best medications to treat your pet dog or cat are provided through your veterinarian. Many over-the-counter flea and tick treatments are not as effective. Some of the best options are;

• Program to prevent fleas by preventing flea eggs – it is available in pill and liquid form for cats and tablet form for dogs. Program is most often used in conjunction with Capstar to kill adult fleas – usually within 30 minutes. 
• Advantage is a popular choice to kill and prevent fleas in dogs and the liquid formula is applied topically monthly. 
• Frontline kills and prevents fleas and ticks – and the liquid is also applied topically each month.
• Revolution – another topical liquid is used to kill fleas while also controlling deer ticks as well as ear mites. 
• Sentinel comes in a once-a-month tablet form to prevent fleas and heartworm disease as well as kill hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. 
The products above are not listed as waterproof although that should not apply to pill-form medications. K9Advantix does make topical liquid monthly medications that are indeed waterproof. They are applied once a month. K9Advantix prevents and kills fleas, ticks and the mosquitoes that cause heartworm disease. 
Medications for cats differ than those for dogs and must clearly state they are for feline use. Some products used on a dog can be toxic for cats. Aside from the Program and Capstar mentioned above, other products that are safe for your cat include:
• Advantage for the prevention and control of fleas, a liquid formula applied topically once a month.
• Frontline Top Spot, a topical liquid used monthly to prevent and kill fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus works in much the same way but is also waterproof.
• Revolution prevents heartworm disease while controlling roundworms, ear mites and hookworm as well as killing fleas.


Please consult your vet to make sure you find a medication suitable for your pet.