What should I feed my dog and how often?

If you are concerned about what to feed your dog, it is recommended that you choose a high-quality dog food with a specified meat as the number one ingredient. Avoid meat by-products, bone meal, corn, wheat or other fillers. The best dog food is grain-free with high protein and high fiber, it may cost a little more but fills your dog up with lesser amounts. It is important to read labels and provide food with the least amount of ingredients.


Dry food is a better option most times as it helps to keep teeth and gums in better health than a wet food. This does not mean that you cannot give wet food now and then or mix it with dry food for variety. Most high-quality dog foods are found at your local pet store and they can help you with a choice to fit your dog’s particular needs.  Your veterinarian can also be able to assist you with a brand of food. Most vets carry dog food products.

As far as how often to feed a dog, it is best to split the recommended amount of food between two feedings a day rather than all at one time. Optimum times are at breakfast time and dinner time with a good chew bone or dental bone prior to bedtime.


You can also watch the video on the best and worst foods for your dog or cat


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