Biggest Dogs In The World

Biggest Dogs In The World May Be Gentle Giants

Great DaneGreat family dogs come in all sizes. It is the temperament of the breed, whether large or small, that prospective families should consider. Some of the largest dogs are gentle giants, who love nothing more than to live peaceful, happy lives with their owners. However, these larger breeds are also very protective of their families, whenever danger arises. 

There are several issues to consider before making the choice to have a large dog as a pet. Food and veterinarian bills will be higher. One hundred pounds of dog food each month, or more, can become costly. Additionally, many of the biggest breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, cancer and arthritis. High quality dog food and enough good exercise may postpone these problems for some breeds. However, the largest dogs unfortunately have shorter life spans than smaller breeds. 

Great Danes often set records as the world’s biggest dogs. As one of the tallest breeds, they are well proportioned and powerful. They have short hair found in six distinct color groups. Great Danes are wonderful with children, and they are very loving, gentle pets. These giants are regal and dignified, although not easily trained due to their stubbornness. Unfortunately, the Great Dane has a very short life span of between six and eight years.

Another popular, huge breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound. This is a very old breed, believed to have been brought to Ireland approximately 7000 B.C. Extremely loyal, smart and quiet, these massive sized canines bond very closely to their families. They are highly sensitive to humans and can detect those who harbor ill will. The Irish Wolfhound is fearless when protecting its' family. As one of the most highly devoted of the big dogs, the Irish Wolfhound will appear to ignore strangers. Owners who leave this breed of dog alone too long will find it very unhappy and possibly destructive. Seven years is the average life span for this sensitive giant. Irish Wolfhounds have a medium length coat, wiry hair, and are usually grey in color. 

St. Bernards are big dogs originally bred in Italy as rescue animals in the Swiss Alps. Their average weight is 150 and 250 pounds, but can be more. Attention to socializing a St. Bernard while young will result in a friendly, loyal, affectionate companion with a habit of slobbering. This large breed of dog has a life span of only eight years. Although St. Bernards are not naturally aggressive, they will bark loudly at strangers. One of the heaviest breeds, these gigantic dogs have long, thick coats of hair that makes them appear even larger. Premium food and exercise is especially important, since they are genetically prone to several bone diseases, including cancer. Sadly, they also are susceptible to eye disorders, epilepsy, eczema, and heart disease.

Overall, the title of the biggest dogs in the world goes to the Mastiff, when considering weight, height, length and body shape. Their weight can go as high as 350 pounds, making them one of the world’s strongest dogs, as well. Surprisingly, some Mastiffs are a bit shy. They are loving, happy dogs though, preferring to stick close to their family and home. Mastiffs tend to be slow thinkers, making an owner with patience, ideal. They are highly protective dogs, and fight to the death to save their family members. 


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